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Acreage homes

Acreage homes

Designed for the Country

Wrap around Verandah's

Wrap around Verandah's

Working with the solar aspect

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

Connect the indoors to the outdoors

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Ensuring the views are captured

Acreage Home Designs

Lifestyle: Acreage

Enjoy the wide outdoors.


Living in a rural residential or a bushland setting is a great lifestyle choice. So its imporntant that when designing you acreage home factors such as landscape, breezes and natural light are major considerations.

After all, that's why you've choosen to live so close to nature.

Site specific

Every block of land is different.


The placement and design of your home must take all aspects of your site into consideration. Each and every home needs to be designed to take account for land slope, solar aspect and importantly the weather. Your block of land is a once off opportunity to create someting special.


What makes a country home

Exterior Finishes

Country homes need that little bit more that makes them somewhat special, they need added charm.

Using various claddings, creating light and shade to the exterior plus a touch of detail will make you home look like it always belonged.



Interior Layout

What ever style you choose for your interior the layout of your home is esential with  living & entertaining areas at the core.

Framing your views from the inside is also a key factor to be considered when planning the layout of your home. 



Cost Effective Design

Why use a designer?


Using a independant building design means you deal directly with somebody who knows what they are talking about.


A poor design is a false economy. 


Only a slight waste of space  or non-functional space will cost you much more than employing a good designer.


A good designer will take the time to solve not only how the space you live in works but also how a building can be constructed as builder friendly as possible without becoming  a mediocre build. 


Why use Blueprint Designs as your building designer?


We have been design acreage homes for over 20 years.

Not only that, we live in the country and know what it takes

for a good building design to work.

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