New Hampton Style Home Facade
Home Exterior

New Hampton &Traditional Style Homes

New Hampton Style Homes

Beautiful looking family homes with traditional appeal.

New Hampton homes have a unique appeal that requires attention to detail. 

Bespoke design

Truly individual homes.

Looking for something different or unique? Something with flair and creativity?  We can help you with that.


Our building design and drafting services cater to all types

of homes whether you are looking for a New Hampton design or a simple traditional style home.

Designed to be site specific


Every block of land is different.  Each and every home needs to be designed to take in account of site slope, solar orientation and the weather. Your block of land is an opportunity that should be made the most of and which means a home design must take all aspects of your site into consideration.



Cost Effective Design

Why pay a designer?


No one likes to part with money so employing a building designer with 


Only a slight waste of space or non-functional space will cost you much more than employing a good designer.


A good designer will take the time to solve not only how the space you live in works but also how a building can be constructed as builder friendly as possible without becoming a mediocre build.