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Custom Home Designs

Create your custom designed home

Thinking of something special, or that perfect fit for you?


Getting the design just right for your needs is of paramount importance. We can design your home that the whole family loves.


Tailored to all your needs

 Everybody has different needs.


Whether you are two or more, we all need to share space but sometimes we need our own space too. Thats when a well planned design turns into a great home that really works for everybody.


Bespoke design

Achieve the truly individual custom designed home.

Looking for something different or unique? Something with flair and creativity?  We can help you with that too!


Designed for your land.

Every block of land is different.  Each and every home needs to be designed to take into account site slope, solar orientation and the weather. Your block of land is an opportunity that should be made the most of and which means a home design must take all aspects of your site into consideration.



Cost-Effective Design

Why would you pay for a designer?


No one likes to part with money but the poor design is a false economy. 


Only a slight waste of space or non-functional space will cost you much more than employing a good designer.


A good designer will take the time to solve not only how the space you live in works but also how a building can be constructed as builder friendly as possible without becoming a mediocre build. 

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