Building Height Restrictions have now increased in Brisbane.

New development rules have changed the maximum building height of a dwelling from the previous height restriction of 8.5m has increased depending upon the zoning of your land.

The new building heights allow improved flood immunity and flexibility with house design.

The new maximum building heights in residential zones under the dwelling house code are as follows;

Up to 2 storeys and a maximum building height of 9.5m ht

Low density residential zone (LDR)

Character residential zone (CR)

Low–medium density residential (LMR1)

Low-medium density residential, 2 or 3 storey mix (LMR2)

Rural residential (RR)

Emerging community (EC)

In other residential zones where there is a greater mix of dwelling types, such as apartments, the maximum roof height is 11.5 metres and three storeys;

Up to 3 storeys and a maximum building height of 11.5m ht

Medium density residential zone (MDR)

Low–medium density residential zone (LMR3)

You can get more information about maximum storeys and building heights from Brisbane City Council Fact Sheets

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